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A LEGO® Hobbyist-Built Display open each October at the Seattle Center.
Saturday October 1st: 10am to 4pm Sunday October 2nd: 9am to 3pm @ Seattle Center Exhibition Hall


Whether you’re a returning visitor or this will be your first visit to BrickCon Exhibition, we encourage you to read this page to learn more about BrickCon Exhibition. If you have any questions not answered here, please Contact Us to get more information.

BrickCon is an annual Convention put on by Adult LEGO® Hobbyists – also known as AFOLs or Builders. The convention lasts four days (Thursday through Sunday) the first weekend in October. We gather in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall and on Saturday and Sunday, we invite the Public in to enjoy and share our love of LEGO. We call this BrickCon Exhibition.

Attending our convention are hundreds of AFOLs who bring models they have worked on throughtout the year. The result is that we have hundreds, thousands, of LEGO® creations that are the best builds of the year. The builds range from a few well placed parts that one can immediately recognize up to single assemblies of tens of thousands of parts that create entire scenes or visions.

Spend time with our Builders and learn their LEGO® building secrets.

Vote for your favorite creation – our People’s Choice award is selected by You.

Photography and video capture is welcome and encouraged.

During the Exhibition, kids of all ages are invited to build their own masterpieces in our Building Zone. We provide LEGO® bricks appropriate for all ages from baby to adult. These masterpieces are put on display for all to enjoy. Sorry, we cannot allow these builds to go home with the visitors who built them.

BrickCon Exhibition also has many Vendors who sell everything LEGO®-related one can imagine. New sets; older, retired sets, yet new in the box; custom (not LEGO created) sets. Parts – new, old, used and custom. T-shirts and jewelry. Play and storage accessories. One does not have to wait for BrickCon to acquire these items. Please visit our Vendors and Sponsors for more information.

BrickCon acquires many LEGO®-related items that we happily give to our public visitors.

We ask that strollers be left outside our Exhibition. We provide a stroller parking area for your convenience.

We are wheelchair accessible.

2015 marks the 14th BrickCon. Join Us! Buy Tickets at the door or online here


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring in my own LEGO® creation(s) to display at the Exhibition?

No. We cannot allow you to bring and display your creations due to logistical and insurance reasons. However, anything created by you in our Building Zone will have a dedicated place for its display.

Okay, how CAN I bring in my creations to display?

Please see the last entry in this FAQ.

Will BrickCon be coming to my city?

No. BrickCon is a Seattle native and has no plans to relocate or spread out. There are numerous events similar to BrickCon held around the US at different times of the year.

Is this event going to have vendors selling LEGO® parts and sets?

Yes! There will indeed be vendors selling LEGO® related stuff: T-shirts, individual parts and sets – including many older, discontinued sets, and many custom items. There is no way of knowing precisely what will be available – come and explore for yourself!

Can I use a credit card to pay the vendors?

Some BrickCon vendors do accept credit cards, but all BrickCon vendors accept cash.

Is there more than the Public Exhibition available?

Yes. BrickCon is at two levels:

Convention – where Adult LEGO® Hobbyists (AFOLs) come together to share friendship, ideas, and activities with fellow hobbyists and to display their amazing creations. If you are an adult (18 or older) who enjoys the hobby of working with LEGO® elements – then you should Register and plan to join us for 4 15-hour days of fun and friendship. Persons aged 14 to 17 can attend  but they must be accompanied by an adult who also registers, pays and attends (parents need to get permission from BrickCon for their 14- and 15-year olds to attend).

Exhibition – where people of all ages and interest levels come to view our amazing creations and, hopefully, be inspired to build themselves. If you are interested in LEGO® at all, you should come to our BrickCon Exhibition on Saturday and/or Sunday and see the amazing things made with LEGO® elements and meet the awesome people who build them!

When and Where is the Exhibition?

Our 14th annual BrickCon Exhibition will be held October 3rd and 4th, 2015 at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, which is on Mercer Street just across from the Parking Garage.
We will be open to the public from 10:00am to 4:00pm Saturday, Oct. 3rd, and 9:00am to 3:00pm Sunday, Oct. 4th.
The admission price is $10 per Individual, $36 per Family or Group of 4 (children under 5 are free). Tickets can be purchased at the door or online here. Credit cards, cash and checks accepted at the ticket booth beginning at 9:00am on Saturday and 8:00am Sunday.

What IS the BrickCon Exhibition?

The BrickCon Exhibition is where everyone is invited to view thousands of hobbyist-built LEGO® models and displays created using hundreds of thousands of LEGO® pieces. Inside, there will be our Building Zone – where everyone can use our LEGO® pieces to build whatever their imaginations direct, and our Brick Bazaar – where LEGO®-related stuff may be purchased. We give away many prizes (LEGO® sets and other stuff). The public times are Saturday from 10am to 4pm and Sunday from 9am to 3pm. The entrance fee is $10 per person (children under 5 are free); a Family or Group of 4 is $36.

Children under 5 enter free. May I push them around in their stroller?

No. Our apologies. We have a stroller parking area (use at your own risk) just outside the entrance for your use.

Can I pre-purchase tickets for the Public Exhibition?

Yes, here. Also, you may purchase admission for the Public Exhibition at the door. The Public Exhibition hours are 10am to 4pm Saturday, Oct 5 and 9am to 3pm Sunday, Oct 6. The ticket booth will be open one hour before the doors open each day for your convenience.

Can I use a credit card to buy tickets?

Tickets may be purchased with credit card ahead of time online or at the door. We also accept checks and cash at the door.

Are there events geared toward elementary school aged kids (6-12 years)?

Yes, All of the activities scheduled for BrickCon Exhibition are intended and suitable for persons of all ages.

Are there any contests or activities at the Exhibition?

One of our fan-favorite activities is the large Building Zone where children of all ages can play and build with hundreds of LEGO® elements. Once built, these masterpieces can be displayed for all to see on our Building Zone display tables.
We give away many LEGO® sets and other LEGO®-related items.
There may be unscheduled contests where the public will be welcome to participate.
Visit the Exhibition (Sat, Oct 5th, and Sun, Oct 6th) for details.

What if I want to have a larger role in BrickCon than just the Exhibition?

As indicated above, BrickCon is at two levels – Exhibition and Convention. For those over the age of 14 truly into the LEGO Hobby, please see our AFOL website. Be aware that for any person aged 14 to 17 there must be an adult who also registers and attends, making the minimum participation cost $120. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to become Registered Attendees of our Private Convention. Parents who wish their children aged 14 or 15 to attend must communicate with and get a discount code from the BrickCon Registrar (AFOL – Contact Us – Registrar) to enable their attendance.



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BrickCon 2015Saturday October 1st: 10am to 4pm Sunday October 2nd: 9am to 3pm @ Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

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