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An Adult LEGO® Hobbyist Event held each October at the Seattle Center.
2019 - Thursday  October 3rd: 8am to Sunday October 6th: 6pm @ Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

What to Expect

We want you to have the best time possible while attending BrickCon, so here are some tips and information to help you make that happen.

BrickCon is a whirlwind weekend where there is so much going on you’ll be through the weekend before you realize it has begun. Enjoy it! Revel in it! To keep track of what’s going on, where and when, use the online schedule service.

It is a good idea to create your own personal schedule before you arrive so you know when and where you’ll want to go to get the most out of YOUR BrickCon.

There will be about 500 fellow builders, many of whom, you may already know. There’ll be many more people to meet and get to know. This is the Primary Purpose of BrickCon: Bringing People Together.


When you arrive (beginning Thursday at 8am), just come to the Exhibition Hall and go to the Check-In Desk an the Front. It will remain open throughout the weekend, although by Saturday the operating hours will be severly diminished. You’ll get your badge, necessary for all access to BrickCon, goody bag, Program, and any swag (T-Shirts, models, etc.) you pre-purchased. You may purchase more swag there.


We will open the Exhibition Hall on Thursday (and each day) at 8am. Be sure to Check-In when you first enter the Exhibition Hall.

The space will look HUGE! But as more people and MOCs show up it will quickly seem crowded and chaotic.

Unload your MOCs

Should you bring your MOC(s) in the front or back of the Exhibition Hall? See unload map (with Gate 7 schedule). The answer depends on the size and stability of your MOC. If your MOC is relatively small, the front is the way to go. There is drop-off parking on Mercer street right in front of the Hall. We’ll have carts and people available to help with the move. And, the front is always open. The back (through Gate 7), where the loading dock is, will be open Thursday all day, Friday morning only, and Sunday evening only. Carts are recommended for larger MOCs.

Once your MOCs are in the building, move them to their approximate locations to begin setting them up. To locate “your” space(s), you can use the banners and signage that label the islands and table areas that match your Theme(s). The Theme Coordinators should be on hand to assist with precise placement and help you get your MOC Card(s).

Explore the Venues

After MOC unloading, you should move your vehicle to one of the many parking lots in the area, and get acquainted with the venue. You should have “Checked-In” as soon as you arrived – if not do so as soon as you can. Then spend a few minutes exploring the Ex Hall, the Cornish – where our sessions will be held. (Although we won’t open the Cornish until noon on Thursday, you should at least know where the entrance is.) And you should also check out the Maxwell Hotel and their lower level conference rooms, where our Meet and Greet will be held. The Maxwell Hotel is one block north of the Ex Hall.

MOC Cards

To become eligible for recognition and to assure you’ll have the space needed to display your MOC(s), please use the MOC Card. We have switched over to Google Forms to manage MOC cards. We will provide more information when ready.

It is also a good idea to contact the appropriate Theme Coordinators directly – before October – to give them a heads-up about any special needs your MOC has. Use the Contact Us link, with the pull down list to select who you’d like to contact, and tell them what you need. If you’re not ready to enter your MOC Card on the website, be assured there will be blank MOC Cards to fill out by hand at BrickCon.

By now, we hope, you’re settled in. Let the Convention begin!


For most of Thursday, just set up and hang out, meet old and new friends, play with LEGO and have a blast.

Beginning at 3pm, we will have our first activity – dubbed “The Surprise Game”. You can’t sign up for this game and until that time, you won’t know what it is.

In parallel with the Surprise Game, we will host our semi-famous “BrickCon 101″ – an orientation or rundown of the weekend. Communicating detils about how BrickCon operates. If you’re new to BrickCon or new to conventions in general, it is strongly advised that you attend this session.

At 5pm we will have our first General Assembly – the Opening Ceremony – where we’ll kick off BrickCon and give you your first dip into the prize pool.

On Thursday at 6pm, there will be a catered party at the Maxwell Hotel conference rooms (one block north – across Mercer Street – from the Exhibition Hall) with free food, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages and a no-host bar. We call it the “Meet and Greet”. Very informal. Meet friends and share stories!


If you haven’t already Checked-In, your first stop on Friday must be the Check-In Desk at the north end of the Ex Hall. The Check-In desk will open at 8am. You’ll need your badge* to enter the Exhibition Hall to unload and setup your MOCs.

* Vendor badges will be also distributed at the Check-In desk in the Exhibition Hall.

Note – All BrickCon competitive games will be held in the Ex Hall on Friday. If you want to play any of these games, you need to sign up for them with your account – BEFORE BrickCon (by the end of September)

…and on with BrickCon

After the Opening Ceremony, all the seminars, presentations, building contests, games, and so on, begin. There will be many examples of building prowess, techniques, whimsy and humor. You are welcome to participate in as many of these activities as you choose, although the building contests must be signed-up for through (BEFORE September 25th). If you don’t feel the need for speed – the primary way we measure building prowess – consider participating as a Judge. We’ll need judges for most games and especially the Master Build where speed is not the primary concern. All participants are guaranteed fun, and many will receive prizes!

Event Types

  • Seminars or Presentations you won’t need to do anything but show up and enjoy.
  • Building Games (like Blind, Bag, Box, and others) you’ll need to sign up for. BrickCon will supply the building materials. These have limited participation due to space or materials and not everyone can play.
  • There are other Activities you will need to bring something to use at the activity.

If it’s a trading game (like Drafts, Dirty Brickster) you’ll need to bring the participating item(s) and there is no need to sign up.

There is no need to sign up for our Racing contests (like Wacky Races and Brick Derby) but you need to bring your racer or build it on site. If you use our pieces to build your entries for these activities, please leave the pieces behind when you depart BrickCon.

Check for details about time, location and requirements for any of our sessions, games or activities.

General Assemblies

There are several events all attendees are encouraged to attend: Opening, Keynote, Awards and Closing Ceremonies, and of course, the Public Exhibition. The Ceremonies usually include prize give-aways – you must be present to win. Not only is your badge needed to enter, it is how we know you are there and can call your name for a prize.

There is so much to BrickCon we can’t tell you all there is – you need to experience it!

Bring your energy and endurance and be prepared to meet new and old friends, explore new aspects of the LEGO® hobby and HAVE FUN!

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