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An Adult LEGO® Hobbyist Event held each October at the Seattle Center.
2019 - Thursday  October 3rd: 8am to Sunday October 6th: 6pm @ Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

What to Bring

Coming to BrickCon can be as simple as just showing up. To increase your enjoyment and enhance your interactivity with fellow Attendees, you should bring stuff to share. The question is “What should I bring?”

MOCs – The most common items to bring are MOCs (My own Creations). MOCs provide the jumping-off point to many conversations – “Cool! How’d you do that?” “Can you show me more?”. They allow your building skills to be appreciated, examined and recognized. BrickCon is about sharing, and bringing MOCs to share is the next best thing to sharing friendships.

Your MOCs are the central reason our Public Visitors come to BrickCon. Don’t forget to create a MOC Card to make it easier for them to know what you’ve built! Please use the MOC Card.  We have switched over to Google Forms to manage MOC cards. We will provide more information when ready.

Draft Kit(s) – If you’ve been to BrickCon (or any other LEGO Convention or meeting) you’ve probably heard of the Draft. A group activity where everyone gets a chance to add to their collection those parts they need without having to buy lots of sets.  Each player brings one unopened copy of the selected set(s) (Draft 1 and Draft 2) and together with many others sort the pieces and draft parts in turn.

101 Bricks – If you enjoy being challenged to a contest of quick building with few parts, you’ll enjoy 101 Bricks Challenge. To play, you’ll need to select from your collection 101 of the most versatile pieces you have and bring them along.

Wacky RacerWacky Races is a favorite among BrickCon Attendees. We provide a ramp. You provide a “vehicle” to “roll” down the ramp. Distance is one category of challenge. Awesome destruction is another. Either way, you need to bring your own vehicle.

Dirty Brickster GiftDirty Brickster began in antiquity as a gift exchange game sometimes called “White Elephant”. We’ve refined it to include only LEGO-related gifts, but otherwise it is an open or steal game. Bring something that everyone would enjoy having.

Brick Derby Racer – We have a downhill head-to-head Brick Derby on a Lego race track. You can bring your own racer and race to win! (This event also includes a pile of bricks to build your own racer with – please do not remove BrickCon’s bricks).

Film Fest Entry* – The Film Fest is always looking for the best LEGO-related films. * This doesn’t require so much your bringing a film as your sending a film. Check out the entry requirements on the Film Fest page.

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