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An Adult LEGO® Hobbyist Event held each October at the Seattle Center.
2019 - Thursday  October 3rd: 8am to Sunday October 6th: 6pm @ Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

What is BrickCon?

BrickCon is an annual Convention put on by Adult LEGO® Hobbyists. The convention lasts four days (Thursday through Sunday) of the first weekend in October. We gather in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall and on Saturday and Sunday, we invite the Public in to enjoy and share our love of LEGO®. We call this BrickCon Exhibition.

Hundreds of Builders attend our convention and bring models they have worked on throughout the year. We have thousands of LEGO® creations ranging from small creations with a few well placed parts that one can immediately recognize up to huge creations with tens of thousands of parts that create entire scenes or amazing visions.

BrickCon’s focus is on building friendships and community through the sharing of time, ideas, building techniques and unique creations.

Attendance of the BrickCon Convention is limited to persons 14 years or older. Please see Attendence Policy for more information. [There is no age restriction for the BrickCon Exhibition.]

Thursday, all day, and Friday until 11am, is devoted to moving in and setting up. The highlights for Thursday include a new Surprise Game (3pm), Opening Ceremony (5pm) and the annual Meet and Greet (6pm), held at the Maxwell Hotel - with a free catered dinner.

The Convention kicks off Thursday at 5pm. From then until 5pm Sunday, BrickCon Builders – people who attend BrickCon Convention are called Builders – attend classroom seminars, presentations, formalized discussions, contests, games, General Assemblies and more.

All of the (four) General Assemblies offer the opportunity for Builders to receive free sets and other LEGO®-related stuff in a raffle style drawing – must be present to win.

Classroom seminars, presentations and discussions cover LEGO®-related topics far and wide. BrickCon provides the most up-to-date informational exchanges its Builders-turned-Speakers can provide. If you are interested in becoming a Speaker at BrickCon, please use the Contact Us – Program Director pull-down to let us know what you’d like to do. We reward Speakers for their service. See Become a Speaker for more information.

Contests provide opportunities for Builders to show their skills in friendly competition against their fellow Builders. Whether those skills are speed, dexterity, teamwork, knowlede or creativity, all will be tested at BrickCon. See Activities for more information.

BrickCon encourages its Builders to share. We have three (technically 4) Drafts and the Dirty Brickster games to facilitate this. See Activities for more information.

Builders are allowed to trade, even sell, amongst each other (just not to the Public) anything they bring for such activitiy.

We encourage each Builder to bring their best creations, but do not require it. We have a general Theme for the Convention – Brick to Old School! for 2017 – but do not require building to that theme. We have a list of directed Themes with Theme Coordinators to help organize our display of Builder creations. Builders are not required to build within these Themes. If a creation does not fit directly within one of our Themes, please use Contact Us – Display Director to let us know what you’re working on so we may make sure your creation(s) get the best display placement available.

Public Days:

On Saturday and Sunday, the general public is invited in to observe our creations and meet our terrific builders. Visitors can learn some of our Builders’ techniques, or just enjoy the creativity and humor so many builders include in their displays.

Join us!

There is so much more to BrickCon than can be listed or described here. Experience it for yourself!

The Theme for BrickCon 2017 is Brick to Old School! Join us!

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