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An Adult LEGO® Hobbyist Event held each October at the Seattle Center.
2019 - Thursday  October 3rd: 8am to Sunday October 6th: 6pm @ Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

Themes & Collaborations

BrickCon uses Themes to divide our displays into reasonably coherent areas. It would look awkward to have a spaceship sitting next to a castle, even if one builder built both. In the same vein, there are some Themes that have collaborations in that builders follow a standard created by individuals or committees within the Theme. A well recognized example is “Moonbase” within the “Space” Theme. You should contact the Theme Coordinator(s) (Contact Us) to discover and discuss these collaborations and standards (most are published on the web), or to introduce a new one.

The overall Theme for BrickCon 2019 is Just Build It!

Note: It is not necessary to build to this Theme, but we encourage you to do so.

Just BUILD It!

Imagine it! BUILD It!

BUILD something to show! Make it Fun!

Please be respectful. Please collaborate. Please have fun!


MOC Cards

To become eligible for recognition and to assure you’ll have the space needed to display your MOC(s), please use the MOC form.

We have switched over to Google Forms to manage MOC cards. After you complete your registration, you will have access.

Large MOCs

You should contact our coordinators directly about any MOCs you plan to bring larger than a couple 32×32 baseplates. Use the Contact Us link and select the appropriate Theme category. Large MOCs brought in during Set-Up cannot be guaranteed space for display without prior communication through the MOC Card process or direct contact with the Theme Coordinator.

If your MOC(s) won’t fit you won’t be allowed to display it (them) – contact your Theme Coordinator early!


BrickCon 2019 Themes and Coordinators (to be updated):

Here are the Themes at BrickCon 2018 and the volunteers who have committed to coordinate. (Name) = Uncommitted; TBD = We need a coordinator. If you’re interested in becoming a coordinator, or there is a Theme you don’t see but would like to run, please contact the use Contact Us – Display Director to volunteer to help.

Architecture – Anu Pehrson
Scaled versions of real buildings built with your favorite brick.

Art/Mosaic/Sculpture – Jean Tucker
Pictures made with your favorite brick. Pieces of art and those masterpieces that don’t fit in other categories.

Battle – Sean Edmison
See reenactments of battles large and small, historical and fictional.

Battle Bricks – Will Fong
Join the real battle between all-Lego Battle Bots. Who will survive the competition. Battle competition will be during Exhibition hours for public consumption. Contact Will for details – weight limits, size restricitons, etc. Please see the rules document here.

Bionicle – TBD
Bionicle and Hero Factory

Castle – Jordan Perry & Robert Weiss
Minifig castles, armies, wizards and dragons.

Dystopian (Steampunk, Mecha, Mortal Engines) – Eric Wilkinson
That golden era that never was, where steam ruled land, air, sea and space; mechanical warriors and battlesuits.

Great Ball Contraptions (GBC) – John Sherman
Moving Lego soccer and basket balls from Point A to Point B.

Microscale (includes Micro BrickCon) – TBD
How small can they go?  Add a micro-scaled version of your big MOC to Micro BrickCon. Or, a Miniland scale selfie observing.

Model Team Motors – Lino Martins
Gearheads, motorheads, show off your wheels.

Ninjago City – Daniel Fortine
The Brothers Brick collaboration. Built to meet their module standard.

Pirates – Gerard Joosten
Pirate ships, islands, battles and forts.

Pop Culture – Brandon Griffith and Iain Heath
Minifig and Brick-built characters and scenes from TV, Film, Video Games or anything pop.

Space (Spaceship, Space Diorama, Moonbase, Micro Moonbase) – Ley Ward
Spaceship!!!  Minifig scaled space craft and (moon) bases. Includes scaled down (microspace) large spacecraft and SHiPs.

Star Wars – Kyle Keller
All things Star Wars!

Superheroes – Sean Forbes
Batman, Spiderman, Justice League and Avengers, to name a few.  Large and small; and the evil villains who can never win.

Technic (+ Mindstorms) – TBD
Mechanical marvels built with bricks.

Town/Train – Steven Walker
Minifig trains, cities, towns, cars and other current or historical structures.

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