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An Adult LEGO® Hobbyist Event held each October at the Seattle Center.
2019 - Thursday  October 3rd: 8am to Sunday October 6th: 6pm @ Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

Become a Speaker

We are looking for people excited about the LEGO® hobby to become Speakers.

Speakers are individuals who provide content for BrickCon Attendees by enhancing our knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the LEGO® Hobby. If you have a LEGO®-related topic you’d like to share with your fellows at BrickCon in a slightly more formal setting than sitting around telling stories, please let Thomas Garrison (our Program Director) know.

Those who commit to becoming Speakers are rewarded by a compensation (return) of their Registration fee. You do not need to meet all requirements in advance of registration.

If you decide to be a Speaker, please fill out the Speaker Form. You will be contacted to work out details and scheduling.

At the bottom of this page is a list of requirements to be fulfilled to
qualify as a (Compensated) Speaker.

Here is an example list of past presentations. Feel free to expand this list with your ideas.

  • Ambassador Q & A
  • Architecture
  • Beyond the Ball
  • BrickWiki
  • Building Big
  • Building with Blueprints
  • Cheese Slope Patterns and Mosaics
  • Coming out of the Dark Age
  • Creating Building Plans
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Designing Space Skulls
  • DeYellowing Bricks
  • FIRST LEGO League
  • Half Plate Offset
  • How to Build Rocks
  • Landscaping
  • LEGO Blogging
  • LEGO Business
  • LSculpt Interface
  • Mindstorms Roundtable
  • Motors, Gears, etc.
  • My Space Virtual Tour
  • Port Brick Pirate Standards
  • SNOT Techniques
  • Squares to Curves: Building Organic
  • Stop Motion Movie Making

All the following requirements for Speaker (compensated) must be completed by September 8.

a) Name of Presentation(s)
b) Description of Presentation(s) (for use in the Program and on the website – a paragraph will do)
c) Primary Qualification for compensation! (If your presentation uses projected images) Images must be sent to our AV Director for preparation before your Registration will be compensated. You will not be allowed to use our projectors without this preparation. (AV Director’s contact will be provided by Thomas)
d) The (estimated) amount of time your Presentation(s) will take (1/2 hour, 1 hour, 1-1/2 hours, etc.)
e) The number of times you’d like to make your Presentation(s)
f) Expected size of your audience(s) (e.g. 10, 20, “lots”, “a few”, etc.) (can be different for each Presentation)
g) Your audience (Private only, Public only, Public and Private)
h) Your preferred schedule block(s) (e.g. “Saturday, 2pm”)
i) Any equipment – or facilities – needed (e.g. tables, projector*, audio, etc.)
* Projector will not be provided unless step c) is complied with.

Be a Speaker at BrickCon! Sign up here!

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