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An Adult LEGO® Hobbyist Event held each October at the Seattle Center.
2019 - Thursday  October 3rd: 8am to Sunday October 6th: 6pm @ Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

Frequently Asked Questions

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What was a Brick Badge?

For most of BrickCon’s history, we have provided a Brick Badge, which is a set of LEGO® bricks, engraved and assembled into an ID badge. It was a wear-able “ticket”. Due to the necessity of maintaining a secure entry in to BrickCon, we no longer use a Brick Badge for this purpose. Entry in to BrickCon, beyond the check-in desk, will be allowed by the provided lanyard badge. In order to continue the BrickCon tradition, each registrant will be offered two personalized bricks on which they can specify what is to be engraved. (Colors will change each year). BrickCon will also provide one “BrickCon” (with the year) brick.

Can I make changes to my bricks?

Yes – up to a point. We don’t send in the engraving order until early August. Until your particular brick set has been ordered, you are welcome to change the text on your bricks. The best way to do so is to contact the Registrar (Contact Us – Registrar) and discuss the change(s) you want. If the requested change is made after your bricks are ordered, they most likely won’t get changed – but they may. The Registrar will let you know whether your bricks were ordered and if the change is accepted.

Do I need to register if my family and I are only planning to go to the Public Exhibition?

No. Registration is only for persons attending the Private Convention (the whole weekend).

If I register and later find out I cannot attend, can I get my money back?

Yes, until September 18th.

If I register and later find out I cannot attend, can I get my goody bag?

Only if you have another Attendee pick it up for you (and you haven’t requested your money back – see above). We cannot ship Convention items.

I’m almost 18. Do I still need a parent or guardian to register and attend with me?

Yes. You won’t need him or her to be with you at all times, just when you are entering one of the BrickCon buildings. We need to know that there is someone to make legal-type decisions for you.

I’m bringing a MOC (My Own Creation). Do I need to bring it in at a specific time on Thursday or Friday?

Not really. We are open Thursday through Sunday from 8am until 11pm. There will be people who can help you locate where your MOC(s) should go Thursday and Friday. Access will be restricted and you will need to check-in first.

Will there be contests and will I have to pay extra to be in them?

Yes, many contests. No, you won’t need to pay to play. For a few activities (Dirty Brickster, Draft, 101 Bricks, Wacky Races, etc.), you will need to bring items to participate. Building contests will have all necessary items provided. Please see What to Bring for more details.

How do I sign up for the games I want to play?

You must use Sched.Com to sign up for games. You will gain access to the system after you have completed your registration through Eventbrite. The deadline for games sign-up is September 25th. There is no on-site sign-ups for games.

I will be bringing my 16-year-old, the true LEGO® Maniac, do I have to register too?

Yes. We require an adult to register, attend and supervise to enable a person under the age of 18 to register and attend. Children under 14 are welcome to visit the Public Exhibition but cannot become Registered Attendees.

Does my registration assure me that I’ll have my own table to put up my display?

Yes and No. Yes – registering assures that you will be able to bring in and set up your display. No – under very few conditions does anyone get his/her/their “own table”. We arrange MOCs and displays by similar theming. See Themes and Collaborations to see which ones are already defined. If what you’re building doesn’t fit within these please use Contact Us – Display Director for more information.

Should I bring only finished models or can I bring bricks to build with while there?

Both. There will be some space within the Exhibition Hall to build while visiting with the other attendees. The Public LOVES to witness people building. Also, it is very common that people bring bricks to trade (among fellow AFOLs – not to the Public).

Is the first day (Thursday) the only day to come in to set up?

No. But it is the BEST day. Setup is scheduled for all day Thursday (beginning at 8am) and half day Friday – although, really, setup ends only when teardown begins (Sunday afternoon).

I want to be a vendor, What do I need to do?

Due to our limited Brick Bazaar Vendor space, we use an “Invitation Only” policy where people requesting to be vendors are vetted and invited (by email). If you would like to be placed on the invitation list for consideration please use the Contact Us page to send in your request.

I could not get a vendor table. Can I still sell at BrickCon?

Under restrictions, Yes. If you are a registered attendee and sell only to other registered AFOL attendees – not to the public. Such deals cannot be accomplished within the Ex Hall during public hours. See All Policies for more details.

I am interested in registering as an attendee and I want to bring my son/daughter. Would I have to pay for him/her as well so s/he can attend discussions, etc. with me?

Yes. As a registered attendee if your child is 14 or over. No for a non-participating child accompanying if under 14. Assuming you are the adult hobbyist (parent), we allow your children to accompany you to our sessions and presentations but they cannot participate in any contests, activities, or be part of the greater BrickCon. Please use Contact Us – Registrar for more information.

I’m an Attendee and my spouse has informed me that s/he (and family) will attend the public exhibition on Saturday. Do I need to order a public ticket for him/her?

BrickCon is hosting a Friends and Family Night, Friday, from 8:30pm to 10pm. Attendees may invite their family and friends to the event at no charge. The only requirement is that the attendee must escort their visitors throughout the event. There will be a limited number of Pblic Exhibition passes available to registered attendees. Get them at the Check-In Desk.

Does the fee for the Public Exhibition ticket grant access for Saturday AND Sunday?

No. Tickets are good for one day only.

What can I do to sponsor BrickCon?

If you’d like to help BrickCon with a sponsorship, please use the Contact Us – Vendor/Sponsorship to let us know what you’d like to do. Typically, sponsorships come in these forms:

Direct cash – which we use to buy more LEGO® stuff to give away.
Goody bag inserts – from fliers to cool swag, which we give to each attendee – plan for a quantity of 500 (fees may apply).
Stuff for the Public – usually in the form of fliers or trinkets – think in Thousands quantity (fees may apply).
Specific Activity Sponsorship – usually in the form of award prizes or activity materials.
General Prizes – which we give out either as awards or as door prizes.

My MOC is too big, or too delicate, to put on a plane as baggage. Can I ship it to BrickCon?

Yes. Use the Contact Us and let us know what you’d like to do. We’ll provide an address for you to ship to, and we’ll transport it to BrickCon, where you can open your package(s) (we won’t!) and set up your MOC(s). You will need to work out return shipment – we can help with this as well. All expenses must be yours.

If I wait to register after the “cut-off date” (September 18), does that mean I won’t be able to attend BrickCon?

No, you will be able to attend with an At-The-Door registration. BrickCon will not accept online Registrations after midnight PST, September 29th. There will be Registrations at the door (walk-ins), but they will be charged a higher price and there are no guarantees of anything that Early Bird and Regular Registrants are guaranteed. Don’t Wait! Register early!

I was just wondering when the ID badges would arrive. It’s been a few weeks since I registered and I just wanted to know when I’d get them.

You will get them when you “Check In” at BrickCon. We do not ship anything. (Suppose we did send the badge(s) and you forget yours as you packed – then what?)

Is there going to be a list of events available before the convention starts?

We have enlisted the services of Eventbrite to assist us with handling our Registration ticketing. As a part of that service all of our registered attendees will have access to, where our master schedule will always be available and up-to-date. Each person is able to manage their unique schedules, including having reminders sent. will be the only place where participants can sign up for games.

I’m not yet 18, but close. Does my parent/guardian have to be right next to me the whole weekend?

No. A parent/guardian does not have to hang on to the under 18 individual the entire weekend. But the parent/guardian needs to be nearby to provide supervision, personal and legal. It is not legal to have minors at an event (without parental supervision) where adults are in primary attendance – which IS BrickCon.

Do I have to bring MOCs (My Own Creations)?

No. There is no requirement to bring anything (except your energy and imagination). The primary focus of BrickCon is to enable friendly interaction among fans of LEGO®. We provide numerous activities, seminars, discussion groups, challenges and other entertainment with the intent that each person will find something in which they would like to participate.

Does BrickCon do shows in other cities?

No. It is a very complex task to set up BrickCon. To do so in a non-local environment increases this complexity greatly. There are several other events similar to BrickCon occurring at different times of the year in different cities. Please see Visitors – Other Brick Events for more information.

Do I have to be at the Public Exhibition with my models the whole time?

No. We try to make sure everyone’s creations remain secure. There have been no reports of items gone missing in previous years. You will certainly not need to babysit your creation throughout the Con. If you’re in the mood to interact with the public, please do so – you are not obligated to. If you need a break, there will be places to get away to where it will be relatively quiet. You may come and go throughout BrickCon on your own schedule.

What if I have to leave BrickCon (for home) before the Sunday Exhibition ends? Can I just pick up my MOC(s) and go?

No. If you know you must leave before 4pm Sunday, you should pack up your MOC(s) after 4pm on Saturday (and before 9am Sunday) and not have them on display Sunday. We have instructions for our security staff to not let MOC(s) leave the building during the Public Exhibition.

Why do you disallow children under 14 from becoming Attendees?

BrickCon is a Convention for adults who build, collect and experience the hobby of LEGO®. We recognize that people under the age of 14 may have an ability to build at an advanced level, but building is only a small part of what BrickCon is about. Our history has shown that children younger than 14 do not have the appropriate maturity level to be among our adult builders without causing disruption. We want BrickCon to be welcoming to all, but the reality is that we must set limits.

My spouse only wants to go to one of the sessions we saw in the Schedule, does s/he need to be registered for only ONE session?

Sorry, yes. Everyone who wants to be inside the private portion of BrickCon must be registered (have a badge).

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