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An Adult LEGO® Hobbyist Event held each October at the Seattle Center.
2019 - Thursday  October 3rd: 8am to Sunday October 6th: 6pm @ Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

Policy Discussions

Child Attendance at BrickCon

BrickCon is an adult event, put on by Adult Lego Hobbyists and intended for Adult Lego Hobbyists.

If your son or daughter is the primary Lego Hobbyist of your family and under the age of 14, BrickCon is not the place for them.

We feel BrickCon is not the appropriate venue for children. There are many Lego clubs and Lego events in Washington, the US and around the world where it is more appropriate for children. This does not in any way devalue the achievements of persons younger than 14.

BrickCon does not allow persons under the age of 14 to become Registered Attendees.

If you are an Adult Lego Hobbyist and have children, then your children are welcome to be at BrickCon with you. You must contact the Registrar for specific directions to aid you with access for your children.

Registrations made for persons under the age of 18 without meeting our requirements will be rejected and any monies refunded.

Determination of Inappropriate (or Not Allowed) Display

Due to the fact that many concepts are not well received by all people, especially BrickCon Public Visitors, BrickCon reserves the right to withhold from display any item found to be inappropriate.

This finding will be rendered only after a process that includes the following stages

  • The display is brought to the attention of a BrickCon staff member either as witness of or in the form of a complaint
  • The complaint is forwarded to the attention of a senior BrickCon staff member (if the original receiver of the complaint was not a senior staff member)
  • Senior staff members are duty-bound to call a meeting with two or more other senior staff members
  • (at least) Three senior staff members convene and review the display in question
  • A determination is made by the senior staff members
  • If the display is deemed “Inappropriate for Public Viewing”, the display will be covered or moved from view during the Public Exhibition
  • If the display is deemed “Not Allowed”, the display will be removed from the Ex Hall

This provides the fairest method yet conceived for this type of action. If another process is presented, it will be reviewed and, if approved,  implemented.

Weapons Ban

In 2011 many very well made, very realistic looking guns were created and placed on display. Several things happened that caused many people to be disturbed with regard to these “weapons”.

  • The guns were waved around in imitation of handling actual firearms – including pointing them at people
  • This behavior by its nature was without the types of safeguards usually given to the handling of actual firearms
  • Due to the “reality factor” of the look of the weapons, there was much confusion
  • The Seattle Police offered the opinion that had they witnessed the above behavior under less well-lit conditions that they would most likely draw their weapons to address the situation
  • This is not the kind of reputation BrickCon desires or its attendees deserve

This condition resulted in the 2012 and beyond Display Policy that makes Realistic Guns Not Allowed. The “Inappropriate” process was used to make this determination.
Further evidence favoring our policy is shown here.

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